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Blog Tips for Beginners: 4 Things you can Blog about for your Business

April 4, 2011 By Lorcan

Blog Tips for Beginners

tips for beginnersFor many would-be bloggers, what to blog about can be one of the problems they face. There is pressure to produce relevant and quality content, especially when your blog has a following. Company bloggers face an even more daunting task – what do they blog about, so its relevant to your business? You can only have so many product launches, new ventures, but on a weekly or daily basis, your topics will soon be tapped out.

If you’re sitting in front of the computer now, with barely a word typed up and scratching your head, why not think about blogging on any of these topics:

Industry News

If you don’t have anything to say about your own business, then why not discuss news that’s relevant to your business? Of course, this doesn’t mean your blog is a forum to promote or belittle your competition. I’m talking about news in the business you’re in. Are there new laws that may soon affect your business? Discuss it and maybe start a healthy debate with your readers. Is there a study or scientific discovery that may be interesting to your readers? Why not take the time to study it and break it down for readers. The idea is to be an authority on anything and everything about your business. This gives you (and your company) weight and relevance.

How To’s

Writing how to’s and tutorials can be another way you can provide great content to readers. If you have a skill you’d like to share or way to do tasks easier – why not share it (as long as it doesn’t compromise your business and its products.) You may be able to help solve a problem for your readers. This gives your blog value to your readers, and again, make you an authority in your business.

Answer Questions

Do your readers have a burning question in their mind? Do people constantly email you the same questions? Why not turn that question into an article, where you can answer everyone with one blog post. This not only saves you time from answering everyone individually, but you’ll provide information for readers.

Promote your Business

That’s the one of the reasons you blog, after all. You can talk about a case study – how your business helped a client. You can also give examples of which businesses could use your company’s help. There are many ways to put your company into good light – the trick is finding a way to make it readable and interesting, without being overly promotional or going for the hard sell (save that for your ads). Don’t say “buy my product” but rather “this is why my product is useful.”

When you’re having writer’s block, just try to clear your head and do something else to ease the pressure. It’s better to come up with 2 or 3 good blog posts a week, then 4 or 5 mediocre blog posts that can turn off readers (and potential customers.) Always keep quality a priority, rather than quantity.

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