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Oak Conflict Dynamics

Brand Nova Digital Offers premier web design services in Wexford with a focus on SEO-firendly sites and orignal content.

The Ask

Oak Conflict Dynamics are a leading provider of mediation and conflict management services in Ireland. They work with global and national clients developing best practice and continuous professional development. And their services are delivered by team of mediators, trainers and coaching professionals.They offer the kind of services that most clients and business probably aren’t really aware of until they need them – whether it’s workplace mediation, commercial, family mediation or simply consultancy or training.


So, it was crucial that they had a website which would easily allow someone who was curious to about obtain these services in a clear and user-friendly way.

  • Completed UI/UX web design
  • Integrate email marketing sales funnel
  • Ranked 52 keywords Google & Bing Search Engines
  • Increase sales leads by 62%

Looking at their existing site we could see that it was a well-established and experienced company. But we their old site was not coming across as credible or authoritative as it could. So, what we wanted to do was to present their brand offerings in way that was clearer, and help conversion by offering an easy call to action for a free consultation.


The Fix

We decided to a build a new site by clearly calling out the brand’s proposition and categorising the wide range of services that Oak provided in easy-to-navigate content blocks.

This enabled them to build trust and credibility before making it easy for customers to find the service they required. We anchored all the main services with our Free Consultation CTA too, which means customers could quickly find out more about Oak and get to know the team.

We did the build from scratch. But just building the site wasn’t the only thing we did for them. Once the site was completed, we helped them roll out a full SEO campaign and they transferred all their hosting and site maintenance to us.

Then we went one step further by incorporating an e-Commerce functionality or payment gateway system so that customers could easily pay for further consultation using their bankcards.

This gives Oak’s clients greater flexibility, especially during the pandemic as they can book and pay for services in the way that suits them, and without meeting in person. So, the new site acts more like an open portal. In terms of the challenge, it was about trying to effectively categorise all the many services, while prioritising those most important to Oak Conflict Dynamics. While it was also about prioritising the information within each service that was most relevant for the user.

The Results

We’ve just launched the website and it’s getting good feedback. But for us we know that the new site is only one part of the puzzle to better marketing Oak’s services online. So, we’ve connected them up to our Nova 360 dashboard and are helping them develop a full digital marketing plan that will incorporate elements like pay per-click and social ads on LinkedIn. The dashboard really will come into its own here in helping us see which keywords and search enquiries are coming in about the company and their services.

While the client themselves is delighted with the new look and feel of the site. It has presented a cleaner, sharper presentation of who OAK Conflict Dynamics are and they are looking forward to the next steps of the journey with us.

mary lou oak

Brand Nova understood what our challenges were and delivered a tailored digital marketing strategy to deliver results and increase performance. This has reflected in our sales turnover. Great understanding on the end goal. We will continue to work very closely with Brand Nova as our Marketing partner in the future.

Mary Lou O’Kennedy, Director, OAK

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