About this project:

Electric Mobility is a premier source for new and reconditioned mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs in Ireland. A well established company focused on delivering the highest value to their customers. Electric Mobility approached Brand Nova Digital, to initially carry out an SEO campaign.

We looked their then website and carried out a full website audit. There were numerous issues that need to corrected, plus their front facing site did not have clear navigation and lacked credibility, trust and authority, with very little conversion.

We explained to Electric Mobility to have maximum success, a new website was required to reflect a strong brand and that we would build it to be SEO friendly with the search engines and have a strong CALL TO ACTION. We suggested building and eCommerce website so customers could buy online, however, they explained they that their customers would not buy online.

Within in a month we had built a brand new eCommerce site where you could buy online. We set up an SEO campaign straight away and within the first 2 weeks they had their first sale on line. They continued to get more sales online from then on. After four months they found it challenging to keep up with demand.


We brought Brand Nova digital on board to help us develop SEO for our brand, and promote us online. I have to say I was very impressed with how immediate the results were. Within a few weeks, there was noticeably more traffic hitting our site, and our rankings had improved dramatically. They took a very tailored approach, developing a strategy that really worked for our specific brand and they found unique opportunities which suited us brilliantly. I really hope to work more with Lorcan and the team into the future and continue building on this success. -



June 05, 2014