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Three Uber-Simple Steps for Better Results with Twitter

October 31, 2012 By Lorcan

Uber-Simple Steps for Better Results with Twitter

simple steps for better results with twitterYou’ve probably heard the term, “Hidden in plain view.” In some ways, the same thing applies to making the most out of Twitter. There are 3 simple changes you can make today to get better results right away.

Some of these changes are literally so simple, they’re almost hidden in plain view. Here’s the quick list:
1. Optimize your profile. Just like I’ll be teaching in my upcoming course about the power of using LinkedIn, your profile is key. For Twitter that means three things. First, you’ll want a clear sentence that describes who you are and what you do. Make sure to include how that benefits or relates to your customers. Second, include a description or reference to the types of things you’re involved with and tweet about. Third, include a call to action or an intriguing question followed by a link. You can even use a shortened link (a Bitly link, for example) in this sentence since your profile is limited to 160 characters.

2. Include your personality. First, choose a profile photo of yourself. If your current profile image is your logo, change it immediately. While it might help with brand recognition, clients and customers cannot relate to a logo. Potential followers cannot engage with a logo. Second, from time to time make sure to include tweets that are more personal. Business doesn’t have to be your single focus. In fact, it’s easier (and faster) for customers and potential customers to begin to know, like, and trust you when they get to see a glimpse of who you are outside of work. Going on a bike ride this weekend? Mention something on Twitter. Excited about a new book by your favourite author? Tweet something, or ask a related question. Open ended questions can be good conversation starters. The goal is to foster interaction and connection. Personality plays an important role in this.

3. Change your Twitter mindset. This is the easiest of all, and yet the most frequently missed. Always keep in mind that you are dealing with people. Be mindful of the same set of “manners” as when you’re chatting with people in person. For example, if someone pays you a compliment or promotes your content, make sure to thank them. If you discover great content your followers might like, make sure to share it with them. Just like a satisfying in-person talk, make sure that it’s not all about you. It’s about enjoying a conversation that everyone can benefit from.

Twitter can be an enormously powerful tool for your business. Especially when it’s used strategically. Strategy is the key to quickly deliver more leads, more business, more sales, and more profits.

If you’ve found these ideas helpful, I encourage you to check out this powerful course, Twitter Brilliance. Watch the video interview and hear how a recent course member got £17,000 ($22,000) in new business, tripled his followers, and saw a 22% increase in web traffic within just 6 weeks of implementing what he learned in the course. It’s just about to start, so check it out here.

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