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Top 3 Useful Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn page

June 13, 2011 By Lorcan

Useful Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn page

tips for improving your linkedin pageSocial Networking has exploded in the last five years, and everyone (and literally, their mothers) are getting in on it. There’s a social network for everything – your personal life, your hobbies, even your pets – why should your business life be any different? “LinkedIn” is one of the best and useful online sites among professionals. It’s a website designed to connect business professionals and offering them to share information regarding their business, growth, marketing, promotion of product and services. It’s like an internal linked structure where you can find others who you should connect with, so that they can add value to you and help you to grow your career and vice versa.


Get started with LinkedIn


First of all you have to create a profile of yourself. If don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, then you can not access the most important information. Your profile is considered as your online resume, so make sure you add all the important details to it. An attractive profile will help you to link up with more and more people like potential employers or partners who will enhance your professional life.


3 Easy Steps to a Smashing LinkedIn Page:-


  1. Profile Makeover – Add your voice to your profile so that it looks more real and interesting, and not boring. Add a professional-looking picture. The idea is to present yourself as if you were going to a professional meeting or job interview. Mention your experiences, your designation, your education and qualifications. In case you are working as a part of a company then mention that as well.
  1. Keywords – Increase your visibility by adding keywords to your profile. Specify words related to your product, skills and company. Also, use keyword in your job title. This will increase your chance of being found when someone uses the LinkedIn search function.
  1. Connections – Search friends with the help of email addresses and add them on the LinkedIn network. Add specialists. Send invitations to your old colleagues to join you in LinkedIn. Get URL and add links, websites, upload video and add applications to your page.

All the above tips are helpful in improving your LinkedIn page. Visit your profile regularly – you’ll see some place for improvement here and there. Keep it up to date with your latest achievements, since you don’t know when people could be accessing your profile.

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