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4 Unique Tips to get Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn

April 16, 2012 By Lorcan

Tips to get Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn

Blog from LinkedInLinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for small to medium and large businesses to get in touch with potential clients. It enables you the opportunity to ask individuals openly about an issue or question you may have. This professional network also allows you to find suitable leads and provides quality traffic to your blog.

I have provided a list of how you can get traffic to your blog from LinkedIn.

Create Innovative Content responding to the Problem

Create valuable content addressing user’s concerns. Respond to queries in LinkedIn Answers which includes a summary of your solution, and allow the user to understand that you’ve produced a comprehensive and useful article to solve their problem. Providing a valuable comprehensive answer will demonstrate to prospective clients that you are really concerned about helping them.

Respond to Queries and Provide Current Content

You should connect your blog only when you incorporate informative details and solutions to individual issues. After you’ve responded to the problem along with valuable and useful details, then link to your blog for further content. Don’t be spammy whenever connecting your blog in LinkedIn Answers. Your audience will not appreciate it!!

Establish a Standard Trademark in your Responses

Following all of your responses, incorporate a trademark, together with your name, your blog post URL as well as your social networking links like your Facebook or Twiiter URL.

Develop Content Requesting a Reply together with Graphics

Create content with a view to providing readers with a question, as well as addressing the subject within a LinkedIn question. An effective justification on the subject of your own blog instead of LinkedIn Answers is definitely the way to make use of graphics since you are unable to incorporate graphics in LinkedIn Answers.

A user will probably need to copy/paste your own web link constantly in their URL bar. Remember the fact that the web link won’t be hyper linked because LinkedIn doesn’t allow it. Therefore traffic will probably appear just like Direct Traffic except in cases where you generate a monitoring URL.

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