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10 Twitter Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

October 13, 2011 By Lorcan

Twitter Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

Twitter Mistakes

Jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon may seem really simple. However, just setting up a Twitter account and sending out tweets is not enough. Some of us get stuck with the basics of this social networking site. Make sure you avoid these common Twitter mistakes:

1. Too Little or Nothing At All
You can’t start with shooting out one tweet and forgetting about it. Such business accounts attract very little interest. Being virtually inactive clearly shows that your Twitter followers or potential customers are not important to you.

2. Franticly Following
If you happen to be following several hundred people and less than a dozen follow you, it means you are franticly running around for followers. Your Following list should be 10 percent less than your Followers list.

3. Over-Tweeting

Over-Tweeting will only result in losing followers even before you get some. Begin slowly and steadily; ensure you are tweeting what is really useful. Keep a track of tweets which get responses and from your re-tweets. Gradually increase the volume over time but avoid bombarding people’s timelines.

4. Overly Self-Promotional
Don’t indulge into the constant “me, me, me” stuff. This will make you sound boring. Value other people and make special mentions every now and then.

5. Connection Failure
Instead of monologues, businesses must indulge in dialogues. Learn more about your followers, answer their questions, or ask them for opinions. This will help them learn more about you. You can do this by instantly responding to all “@” messages.

6. Avoid Helping
Providing solutions and solving problems will get you more followers. You can simply re-tweet an informative article that will help others. Your Twitter business account can become a place where you receive more than you have given; however you have to give initially.

7. A Mix of Business and Pleasure
Mixing pleasure and business does not give a professional appearance. While it’s fun to tweet out drunk pictures of yourself to your friends, it’s not something you want your customers to see. Keep a personal account for such things. Don’t send tweets where your Followers start doubting your professionalism and skills.

8. Avatar Blunder

Businesses often forget to set their brand name or logo as their avatar. This should be followed not only on Twitter, but on every social media platform. Setting your logo or brand name will help users identify your easily and help them retain it.

9. Wasting background space
Don’t waste the amount of real estate that you get surrounding the Twitter-stream. Use this and let others recognise what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Display your brand personality to people. You can freely list points of contact like phone numbers, email address and other URLs.

10. Irregular Check-ins
Your Twitter business should be a section of your daily routine. You must check your twitter account more than once a day for it to become an integral park of your business.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are several other Twitter mistakes which businesses should avoid in order to boost their chances of success. When used well, Twitter can be a great platform for your business.

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