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3 Vital Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversions

January 16, 2012 By Lorcan

Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversions

We all know that E-commerce sites are always centred on getting clicks and selling.  It’s usually the part of getting the attention of visitors for it that makes the opportunity of getting revenue on marketing that becomes the challenge.

In order for an Ecommerce website to succeed, they need to employ tools that would boost their conversion rates and be able to keep undecided visitors hooked to them.  The most common way of executing this is via subscribers.  They give out freebies and, more often than not, add class and style to their sales page.  For those who prefer to do their marketing the conventional way, their marketing campaign wallows down the drain because visitors are thrown out of their funnel.

If you want to get better conversion rates for your Ecommerce site, you need to take note of 3 vital things of your campaign that – if placed properly – would give you the results you’re aiming to get.

Make sure your Call-to-Action Buttons Don’t Throw Off Transactions

Call-to-Action buttons are supposed to catch attention and keep those who are undecided to buy right away.  Having said this, it’s but natural that these buttons are attractive enough to reach the goal and not throw people out the door.

You need to make sure that you’re letting your audience know that by clicking on the button, they’re taking a step towards learning more.  Usually, visitors opt to click if they have the interest on what you have to offer but are not yet ready to buy.  Using clear phrases like “Eager to learn more? Click here to download your free…” would send the message out clearly to them

If  you plan to add this button alongside a “Buy Now” button, make sure that it’s not standing out more than the call-to-buy button.

Consider Landing Pages focused on Interest

Whenever a visitor on your site clicks on your call to action button, they get redirected to a separate page.  This landing page is usually set up for one specific goal – get the visitor’s information like their name together with their email and then once the visitor has complied with your requirement, they then get their reward – a guide, ebook or whatever information it is you’re offering.

These visitors who get to go to your pages are more likely already interested on that particular freebie that you’re offering and is still not ready to buy anything from you.  With this in mind, you need to take away your focus from getting sales at least for a while and just let your guest get what they want.  That means no sales pitch of your productECommerce marketing and perhaps just a short form to offer.

Just tell them how important your freebie is and bank on their interest that brought them to that situation in the first place.  Keep in mind that the main reason why they’re there is because they have the slight interest already.  You just need to give them more information to make your mark with them.  It’s always best to get their info at that moment while the interest is there rather than shove them off and let them become customers of your competitor the day after.

Outstanding Thank You Pages

Once you get the information you require, you now need to keep your part of the deal by giving them the object of their desire – your freebie.  The best means of doing this is by leading your visitor to a Thank You page that’s intended solely for that freebie you’re offering.  This is the page where you can put back your sales hat and add links that lead back to your sales page.

Your Thank You pages should be precisely formatted.  After going through a series of pages, they’re eager to get what they want so give it to them right away.  Let the first link on your Thank You page be the link to your freebie.  Depending on what you want to achieve, the other links can be a link to learn more – perhaps a blog or other places of interest.  You can also put a link there leading to your sales page so that they can immediately make their purchase.

Keep your leads in their proper place

When these leads opt to buy, which side would you rather be on?  Would you stay in touch with them or let them make the decision on their own?

The tips I’ve shared are only some of the things that marketers of ecommerce websites can use to build their sales funnel mailing list and boost conversions.

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