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Get More Social Media Shares With These 4 Tips

March 11, 2016 By Lorcan

Get More Social Media Shares

Social media shares are the currency in today’s digital marketing world. In order for your brand, product, website, or blog to gain popularity, it can’t simply exist in the vast space of the greater Internet.

You need to be on social media right this moment. If you aren’t, then go ahead and claim your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and whatever other social media sites you want or that could be helpful to your company.

Next, of course, is you have to create content. There are many types of content you can make, curate, and even borrow, which can help increase your visibility on social media.

Social Media


The last part of course, is posting your content and getting social media shares. But, getting shares on social media isn’t just about posting or garnering as many followers as you can.

People simply won’t share your content because you ask them to. In fact, many of them may get annoyed if you post too much or tell them to share it.

But, there are ways you can encourage your audience and get them to share your content more with their friends. If you’re unsure of where to start, then consider these 4 methods to get more social shares.

1. Time Your Posts to Get More Social Media Shares

4 Tips

Post at optimal times to reach more of your audience

Timing is everything, even when it comes to social media. In this case, you want to do this when your audience is most active.

You might think that your readers and followers are active all the time – after all, most people have their smartphones in their hands at all hours of the day.

However, studies have shown certain times of the day and days of the week are better for posting. For example, Fast Company says that afternoons between 1 to 4pm are the best times to post on Facebook, with Wednesdays at 3pm being the most optimal. Surepayroll on the other hand, says that the worst times are weekends before 8am and after 8pm.

These times make sense, after all – most people work a 9-5, Monday to Friday job. By Wednesday, most people have probably finished half of their to-dos for the week. And on weekends, no one wants to wake up before 8am or be on their mobile devices at night (when perhaps they’re out with friends or spending time with the kids).

Of course, timing depends on your audience, so make sure you consider when they will be active when you post.

2. Understand Why They Want to Share Content

Aside from just reading your content, you want people to share them, so their followers and friendscan see it too.

But, how can you best create content that will appeal to them?

Well, think about why they would want to share your content. Are they bored? They want to entertain friends? To have a purpose? Almost all of these are correct – whatever people share reflects who they are (or how they want people to see them). So, make sure your content has value and can help them look good in front of their peers.

For example, make sure you use a lot of sources and research when you’re making any claim. This will help your readers appear smarter when they share it.

Also, try to write content that’s not always a sales pitch – your audience may feel irritated if you constantly bombard them with ads and conversion messages. That means, once in a while,  create just to help your readers and to add value to their lives.


Think about what motivates your audience to click on the share button

3. Create Headlines That Appeal to Their Curiosity

Most people click and share content based on headline alone. A few may not even read the actual article or view the content.

That’s why you need an effective headline.

But how can make a powerful and effective headline to get you more social media shares?

Try using a free headline analyzer tool like this one from CoScheduler. Simply plug in your headline and it will give you a score, which assesses its sharability, quality, and SEO value. It also scans your headlines for words that can make your headline more appealing. These are common, uncommon, emotional, and power words that can make any headline stand out.

CoScheduler also has a list of 500+ Headline Power Words which you can use to punch up your headlines and make people pay attention. By adding these words in your headline,

4. Use Better Images

Most people are visual thinkers.

That’s why more people click on content with pictures, according to Neilpatel. Photos actually get up to 84% more click-throughs, 54% more likes, and 103% more comments than other types of content.

Of course, that means you need good photos, not just obvious stock photos you can buy on the Internet.

You can use a variety of visual content, not just photos.

For example, you can use infographics. Infographics are an excellent way to visualize data. Of course, you can also use videos, and photos, but make sure they are appropriate for your audience.

Social Media Shares = More Visibility

Social media is an excellent way to gain more visibility  in almost any industry. The truth is, it’s how many people do business these days and that won’t change for a long time. It can be quite time consuming, and you can’t expect overnight success, but it’s well worth the effort.

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