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eCommerce Website Design: Why You Need To Start Trading Online

October 12, 2020 By Lorcan

eCommerce Website Design Wexford


According to Retail Ireland, over 50 per cent of Irish consumers now shop online, but 75 per cent of online sales go to overseas websites. The industry body is urging Irish retailers to embrace online selling. In this post-COVID economy, they view up-skilling in eCommerce website design as an imperative for success in retail for 2020 and beyond. Savvy eCommerce website design is one of the key ways to ensure you remain competitive in such a fast-paced environment.

Read on for five compelling reasons why you shouldn’t wait to start selling your products online.

Total Control Over Your Platform

Most brands in Europe believe online marketplaces are unsustainable in the long term. And when working with distributors or providing your products to big-box retailers, you usually don’t have much say in how you sell those products to customers.

A shift to a brand-owned eCommerce platform is the only way forward. Work with an agency to develop your eCommerce website and you’ll have ultimate control over every aspect.

You get to decide how the website looks and functions. You can create as many or as few retail experiences for your customers as you need. If you want to make changes, promote certain products, run sales campaigns, or coordinate a product launch, you can do so with ease.

On the back-end, you have total control over search engine optimisation (SEO) opportunities and can access the full gamut of website and sales analytics.

Deeper Understanding of Sales Trends
When you run your eCommerce website, you have the opportunity to access an almost limitless depth of customer data. You can find out who visited your website at what times and where from. You know how old your customers are, what they search online, and what view on your website.

And that’s just at the most basic level using free tools like Google Analytics.

If you work with a subscription-based platform like web design Wexford’s best Brand Nova’s NOVA360 eCommerce marketing dashboard, you can turn your visitor data into Euros.

Better Communication With Customers
An eCommerce website gives you direct access to your customers. Not only can you sell directly to the consumer, but you can also talk to them, too.

Field enquiries on your products from your website via email or chat. Collect emails and send your customers email newsletters (great for encouraging valuable repeat purchases). Build eCommerce up-selling methods into the functionality of the website.

You’ll Be Taken More Seriously
Good website design is like the business cards or mail-order catalogues of old. It’s the public face of your organisation for both customers and the media.

To make the most of the exposure an eCommerce website gives you, you must put effort into developing killer brand strategy, exceptional back-end and user functionality, and beautiful front-end website design.

If you don’t think you can build a website that people want to engage with in-house, reach out to website design companies in your area for quotes.

eCommerce Website Design that Works
An outdated or badly put together eCommerce website will do you more harm than good. Your customers won’t be able to find the products they want and their buying experience will be marred with frustration. If your website doesn’t work well on mobile, it’s even worse.

Don’t let this happen to you. Work with an agency that understands the eCommerce website design Wexford customers and companies need. Contact them for a free website SEO audit report today.

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