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Get Your Blogging off the Ground – Ways to Start Blogging

August 8, 2011 By Lorcan

Ways to Start Blogging

ways to start blogging Starting a blog is very easy. Writing posts is very simple. However, a lot of bloggers abandon their blogs after creating a few posts. Why? Because nobody seems interested in their blog and the things they write about.

Admit it or not, it is difficult to get the attention of  audiences and keep them reading your blog. When a reader finds your blog boring, there is a huge possibility that they won’t return. Later on, you, the blogger, will abandon your own blog, too. This is the main challenge for bloggers — how to get their blog off the ground and capture a reader base.

Blogging is a lot of work. Crafting a catchy and killer blog title is not enough to keep the attention of your readers. Here are other techniques that you can use to start blogging

Customise your blog. Customise your blog to the way you like it to catch the reader’s eye as well as to satisfy all your needs — create a color scheme and layout, install plugins, etc. Choose a domain name for your blog and purchase a web hosting package to really establish your brand.

Update your blog regularly. Publish a few posts each day to establish a reader base. It will take several months before your blog gets noticed but without realizing it, your readers motivate you to write more. In turn, more people will visit your blog regularly and read your posts.

Make blogging a daily routine. You can write a plain and simple blog yet very useful. Once into the habit of blogging, you will develop your writing skill and you will be able to blog different things that happen during your day.

Choose a specific niche. Try to write about at least one specific category. Of course, you want to be noticed in the blogosphere as a person of authority in your field of interest or specialisation. To generate visitors, use words that can be easily understood by many people. Avoid using terms that are too technical that may be difficult for an average person to understand.

Post pictures and images. Pictures will add interest to your reader. You can post photos of your recent trip to a different country or a famous landmark in your community to capture your reader’s attention. Pictures also activate the “mind’s eye” of the reader and stir up their imagination.

Keep the posts interesting. Write something about unique things you noticed or special occasions and events you attended. Express your feeling, thoughts or ideas on an issue. Back up your comments with various reliable sources. Starting your post with an interesting fact is a great technique to keep your audience reading your post.

Syndicate your blog. Find blog aggregators. These are websites that have feed running so that a link to your blog will show up on their homepage each time you post something new. Share the specific URL of your blog post in relevant Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.

It takes time and dedication to maintain a blog. But if you follow the suggestions above, you will soon establish yourself as a person of authority in your selected niche. More importantly, keep quality content on your posts and your audience will definitely notice you for the right reasons.

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