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September 22, 2011 By Lorcan

Tips For An Awesome And Seo-friendly Blog

write seo friendly blogsWriting blogs is just not enough, when you are aiming at higher ranks in Google. You must know the tricks of how to write SEO friendly blogs to perform well in Google. SEO friendly blogs ultimately contribute to the optimization of your website. This is one reason why most companies and organisations go for blog marketing, exploiting its potential to get higher ranks in Google. Whether you post blogs in your company blog or article directories, a well-written blog will never let you down when it comes to SEO.
So, how to write SEO friendly blogs? Well, let’s have a look…

Tips to write SEO Friendly Blogs:

Topic: It is very important to decide on a topic you want to write on. Remember, the only reason people read your blog posts is because they expect some new information from your write- up. Select a subject, which would be informative, as well as an interesting read.

Original Content: Your content has to be original if you are looking for a better ranking on Google. Do not just copy and paste articles from the web. This will not only destroy your reputation but also your website. Google will mark you as spam!

Title: Title reflects what your blog is all about and it is the most important aspect of SEO. Make sure you select an appropriate one for your blog post. Following are few pointers you must keep in mind before deciding on a title for your write-up:
• Make sure, the title doesn’t have more than 5 to 7 words and 65 characters.
• Use relevant words or phrases, which you think, readers use the most to search information relevant to your blog. For example: An blog about SEO can have titles like ‘SEO Tips’ or ‘Tips for SEO’.
• Use the primary keyword in your title. That is, if your blog is about SEO, your title must have the word SEO in it. However, don’t overdo it. Do not repeat the keyword more than once in the title.
• Keep the title original and crisp.
• Avoid using special characters in your title.

Description: Your content must have a description, summarizing the content. This is the part, which attracts readers to your blog. Let’s have a look at a few pointers, which can help you to write proper descriptions for your blogs.
• Make sure the description is relevant and interesting enough to invite users to read on.
• Description should not be more than 3 to 4 sentences and must have the primary keyword in it.
• You may pick up sentences from your blog, use it in the description. However, it’s always works better if you write it anew.
• Do not include company name or any personal information in the description part, also, do not add the title in it.
• Avoid using ‘all caps’ or special characters in the description section.

Content: What is it about your blog that will interest the readers? Well, nothing works better than original content for your blog. Also, try to write articles that will be of some use to the users. If it’s an informative article, keep the word limit upto 500 to 600. Writing long articles doesn’t make sense because users tend to have very little patience to read much. Short and crisp write ups is the way to go.
As mentioned earlier, Internet users have very little patience and with so many options for a good read, they tend to drift away from your article. So try to keep your write-up lucid and simple. Avoid using bombastic words or long complicated sentences. Use the main keyword of your article atleast 3 to 4 times throughout the blog. Do not copy from the web, and publish original content.

Subheading: Adding subheadings to your blog is a great way to keep the users interested in your site. This not only makes the article comprehensible but also descriptive. Each subheading should represent the idea present in the following paragraph.

Links: While submitting articles to directories, you may want to put external links in the write-up to direct readers to your website. However, make sure, you do not put more than one or two links in a single blog.

Polls: Polls and voting are a great way to popularize your blog with the readers. The reason being, users love to express themselves and share their preferences with others. And your blog will be the platform for them to do so.

Images and Videos: Images and videos are a great way to bring your blog in the limelight. Images and videos must be relevant and add value to the blog.

Proofreading: Last but not the least, whatever you write, do not forget to proofread it before uploading. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

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