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9 Things to Avoid When Using Twitter for Business

December 20, 2011 By Lorcan

Things to Avoid When Using Twitter for Business

Twitter can be a very good tool to use when building networks for your business. Through it, you can look after your brand and get good feed backs.  You can also watch over your competitors, involve your customers to everything that’s going on with your business.  You can even use it Twitter as your customer service portal.  Sad to say there are many usual errors that businesses do on Twitter.

Let me give you nine strategies that you can avoid when using Twitter to promote your business.

1.  Try not to be much of a show off

I take it that you’re not the type who enjoys being with people who only talks about themselves.  Why then would you do that to your Twitter profile?  You might want to try something different like sharing something of interest or something that people can learn something from.  You’re much likely to be able to build a bigger follower base by doing this rather than overly talking about yourself.

2.  Being So Focused on Your Blog

Instead of focusing on just your own work, try and share pages that you find relevant to your business and share it with your followers. In doing so, you stand a high chance of being retweeted by other bloggers.

3.   Set a Following Criteria for your Business

It’s normal to follow people on Twitter in order to gain followers to your campaign.  But this doesn’t mean you’re just going to follow people without thinking about whether or not they’re going to follow you back.  You can go to sites like Tweepi or Twellow and search for people who are interested in your business so that you can build a following and follower list that’s relevant to what you need.

4.  Establish a Brand and not a Personality

You might be thinking that you’re establishing a brand so your Twitter profile should only consist of all the corporate professional tone that each business wants to promote… something none of the users ever want to read on.  It would be better if you would actually try and project that there’s a real person behind your brand.  Putting a human interface on your Twitter profile would likely turn in more followers than having a very formal corporate branded account.

5.  Avoiding interaction with other users

Active Twitter users – the ones who actually follow other people  – are more likely to follow other members who actually respond back to what they’re posting.  Twitter isn’t a one sided way to convey thoughts.  The concept of sharing on Twitter is actually to entice people to talk about what you posted.  This would mean that you need to respond to what they write too.  You need to make sure that you give a prompt response to tweets daily so that you’re creating a conversation.

6.  Hiding your Twitter Profile on your own site

You’re committing a grave mistake if you’re considering on not putting a link to your Twitter account on your site.  Your site visitors would most likely be the same people to follow you back.  You should make it easy for people to know how they can connect to you via social media.

7.  Not monitoring chatter for your own brand

Why join Twitter if you feel that actively playing a role on communicating too time consuming?  Monitoring social business chatter is not that time consuming as you may think it is.  There are a lot of free tools online like Hootsuite or Twitter search that can help look out for those conversations.  You may even add it to your RSS reader so that you can easily access it at any time.

lkinsella-twitter-profile8.  Not Customising Your Profile on Twitter

Statistics show that people who have customised Twitter Profiles would most likely have more followers than those who don’t?  Spend time customising your profile in order for your followers to get you more.  This would make branding much easier for you.

9.  Settle for Once a Week Tweets

Tweeting once a week would make it difficult for people to find and follow you.  But if you’d follow my previous advise and try and give a few minutes each day to tweet or retweet something casual and interesting, you shouldn’t have a problem building your follower base.

Do you think I missed something up there?  Let’s make it our #10 and put it as your comment below.

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