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SEO Basics – What is an SEO Website?

January 24, 2018 By Lorcan

SEO Basics

The internet is a content heavy planet. To get around you are most likely using a search engine. We all do, although Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most common, there are several search engines out there. If you use any search engine, if you type a word you’ll get a few websites that come up on the first page. These are called ranking websites. In order for your website to become one of them, it needs to be optimised for search engines. We often call this kind of website an SEO (Search Engine Optimised) Website.

What is an SEO Website?

An SEO website is a website that is easily found by search engines, otherwise called SEO Friendly website. Search engines use tiny robots that scatter around the internet looking for the keyword you used to search. A website that uses the same keyword in an easy to find manner is an SEO website. Companies are being more and more clever in using these keywords to get noticed by search engines.

SEO website is not only about Keywords

But it isn’t only keywords and how they are used that matters. You can think of SEO as a formula. The keywords are only one part of this formula. There are many other elements, such as the design of the page, the code that it is written in. There are also measures for where the keyword is on the site, and how frequent this SEO website is being used as a reference using a link from another website.

What goes into an SEO Website?

There is so much work that goes into building an SEO website. You can see everything we do here at Brand Nova to make an SEO Website. SEO is related directly to the content of the website, apart from the service or product. Such as keeping a blog, writing articles or using different media. It is also connected to social media and how people communicate with the website through the us of such applications.

Figuring out the SEO Website Formula

To figure out this formula is not usually easy. More and more companies are looking for help with SEO in Ireland and around the world. And There are many companies that offer SEO services in Ireland. We here at Brand Nova are definitely one of them. But as I said before, SEO experts may help you optimize your site, but we figure out the formula that will keep you ranking consistently. This is because its easy for us to figure out the formula.

When you get someone to help you with SEO, they will normally only look at the keywords. We at Brand Nova look at the entire website. We offer you help with every other aspect of how your site is built. This is for example what we did with Electric Mobility. They came to us looking only for SEO, but providing them with an SEO Website meant we had to take it apart and build it up. Because offering only help with SEO could not have been consistent. When we worked with them, we also looked at their business objective of achieving more sales. Using this information we were able to consult them on building the new website with e-commerce platform. They saw immediate results.

So how does an SEO Website Look like on Google?

The whole idea behind having an SEO Website it that it will make your customers find you quicker. It will also give them access to the essential information straight away. There are many levels of SEO, your website can rank at number one on the first page of search or it may be within the top ten. This depends on the optiomisation as well as the keywords used to search. It also depends on locality, which is something we also take into consideration while optimising your site.

Having an SEO Website also means that the results surrounding your website are all related to your business. They could be your social media pages, or sister/parent companies or global branches of your business for example. All of this must be taken into consideration while your website is being optimised.

So weather what you’re looking for is to get an SEO Website built from scratch, or if you already have a website that needs being optimised. We have the solution for you.

Not sure how optimised your website is? If you want to know how your website is performing now.

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