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Start Your Business Blog in 5 Easy Ways

December 13, 2011 By Lorcan

Starting Blog Business in 5 Easy Ways

start your business blog in 5 easy waysPeople often shy away from blogging especially if they’re among the ones who haven’t experienced it yet or one who feels too old for it.  However, it’s very important for marketers and business people to do blogging for business.  Writing is often a big challenge so let’s discuss on how you can eventually start your business blogging career.

1. You need not worry about putting your voice out there.  You can always start slow and small.  Try and take a peek on blogs within your industry circle and start browsing.  Reading usually gives way to an easy start.  Check out what people are talking about.  Try and look at the comments that these blogs are getting. You can even try commenting on blogs that irks your own interest so that you’d slightly get an idea as to how it feels to be inside the blogging world.

2. Keep in mind that it’s blogging so you don’t really have to be technical.  Setting up a blog is really simple.  Your IT team, if in case you have one, can set up your blog within a matter of minutes.  If you’re planning to set it up yourself, you’d find that it’s a very easy process.  Whatever hosting you may have for your domain, they’re sure to have tutorial areas where you can find the instructions on how to set up a blog.

3. Try and figure out what your target audience would be like and set the reasons why you’re going to start blogging.  Visualize in your head the goal with which you’re trying to achieve by blogging.  Are you wanting to provide entertainment?  Or do you plan to educate people?  Perhaps you simply want to be there and bring in traffic to your business?  Let’s say you’re given 30 seconds to tell something to these people you’re writing for, can you?  Try and write your articles in a way that the people you’ve chosen to write for would appreciate. Knowing who you’re writing for would allow you to produce favorable content.

4. When you know who you’re writing for, thinking about what to write becomes easy.  You can start an article based on an email where you find common issues that you feel people have questioned or asked for answers to in the past.  For sure you have a nominal email base.  Instead of answering them one by one where you’re sure to get just one audience, you can discuss your answers on your blog and reach out to more people who’s going through the same issues.  Just let it flow and before you know it, you have your very first article.  You can practice this method until you feel confident enough writing content on your own.  In case you don’t have mail references, another way to do it is by looking at other blogs and perhaps start your own discussion on that topic that irked your interest.

5. Publish your thoughts.  One of my favorite authors – Seth Godin, a celebrated author once made an interesting point about how waiting to perfect something is not the way to go.  For him, one should simply go for it.  Just keep on producing results.  Get comments for what you’ve done.  Review the comments you’ve received and then refine as you go.  Waiting for the perfect write up would only set you back and much worst not let you bring out anything at all.  Be sure that you’re grammar and spelling is correct though.  The goal is to become an expert resource person in your field, draw visitors to your site and eventually convert as they come.

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