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E-commerce Website Design Launch of Carrigaline Furniture

March 1, 2021 By Lorcan

Nothing has grown faster than the trade of e-commerce. In recent years, the number of e-commerce sites has skyrocketed to fit the demands of online shoppers in the B2B and B2C spectrums. Undoubtedly, your company is ready to do the same to increase its revenue in a new space.

That being said, one doesn’t attract potential clients by simply placing their name on a page. When attracting the right people, having a beautiful and professional e-commerce website design could very likely be the difference between making a successful sale and never having a customer grace your page.

You need to know what makes a good site before you set out to create your own. Luckily, one of our own completed website designs at Carrigaline Furniture and Carpets Centre, Ltd., happens to be an impressive example of what to look for in a site that attracts the crowds you want. Here are a few good concepts you’ll want to keep in mind.

a preview of the Carrigaline website design

1. Your E-Commerce Website Design Must Incorporate User Experience

From start to finish, when you design your website you must keep the experience of the user in mind. It’s easy to make the site complex when you’re busy building, but you have to remember that the average user won’t be nearly as tech-savvy. Build your site to make it easy for potential clients to navigate and enjoy.

Carrigaline Furniture and Carpets does this by laying out easy-to-access tabs at the top of the page, encouraging selection options, and vivid pictures to make sure their buyers enjoy every aspect of their site.

2. Integrate a Payment Gateway

If you want to get paid for your goods online, you’ll want to make sure you add a payment gateway for your clients to purchase them. Carrigaline Furniture gives customers the option to conveniently buy any items on their site and makes the checkout process easy from start to finish.

3. Clean and Beautiful Design

A company with a site that’s organised and pleasing to the eye is much more likely to turn a potential client into a buying customer. Carrigaline Furniture does just that with columned selections, legible lettering, and colours that are sure to keep page landers browsing their wares.

For the Web Designs You Deserve

Now that you know the elements of a good e-commerce website design, you should have no problem creating your own masterpiece for the internet to view. That said, sites that have the aid of a professional design team are much more likely to be successful in drawing in potential customers to their wares. If you need a professional designer to shape up your site, we’re the ones that can help you.

At Brand Nova, we know what it means to build a site worthy of your business. We offer years of experience in brand development and web design, and we’ve created many successful pages for several popular brands such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Claritas, Today FM, Triumph, and more.

Browse through our site to see what we have to offer you, and be sure to contact us whenever you’re ready to get started. It’s time to get your business on the internet!

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