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Website Design 101 – When to seek professional help with web design

March 28, 2019 By Lorcan

Website Design

When you hear the words “web design”, instantly what comes to mind is how a website looks like. If you close your eyes for a second, you will probably start to imagine your computer screen and the browser frame surrounding your most visited website. Nevertheless, web design as a term is much more than just the few lines, pictures and colorful blocks that come together to form that window that you see. Web design includes so many aspects of work. You may be surprised to find they connect directly to your marketing strategy. They define how people see your business. This is why if you’re seeking web design in Wexford then you need to know why it is important for you.

Let me tell you why web design is something you should not disregard or underestimate. We get so many clients who seek web design in Wexford, and it is one of the first growth tools that we must focus on. Today, in this connected world that we live in, and with the internet literally available at our fingertips, people are more likely to search for anything they want or need directly from their laptops or phones. When they look at your business listing it will be the first interaction with your business. Your web design choices will either make the entire customer experience or break it.

But are you sure that if you search for a business on Google your website will turn up?

It should, and for us it is the indication of successful web design jobs.

professional help with web design

Brand Nova Digital


Contrary to common belief the term “Web Design” does not only define the design of a web page or a website. The term refers to different areas of designing one’s interaction with another person or business online. This includes the graphic design of the pages, the interface and writing of all the authored elements on these pages. It also includes the use of codes in the design in order for the website to have a function. In addition to the design of that function (otherwise called user experience design). All of this, in addition to search engine optimisationor SEO.  SEO makes sure that all your good effort at web design does not go unnoticed or buried in the depth of Search engines’ multiple pages.

help with web design

Ready-made Website Template

Often times companies that seek web design in Wexford or other parts of Ireland, think its OK to use a ready-made option for building their first website.  Especially young companies where a website a big part of their online presence. This is why, if a business wants to grow, seeking professional help in creating the website will become crucial. Brand Nova is one of the leading web design companies in Ireland who offer professional help in Irish web design. Web design jobs are not solitary business, this is why Brand Nova has a team of professionals who work together to build the complete business online presence.

professional help with website design

Adaptas Training Website


There are some great ready-made services for web design out there. But if you’re looking for professional web design in Wexford, Dublin, wherever in Ireland.. I wouldn’t recommend one. They simply lack critical elements that need to be introduced to integrate the website into the brand’s identity and growth plan. To begin with, the web graphic design should be fully customised to meet your brand’s identity. In addition, your website should reflect your product and find functional and efficient ways to connect with your audience positively.

For example, when adaptas training approached us for a website design they required a design approach that showcased how professional they are, what clients said about them as well as fast and efficient access to their services. We did this through designing clear top menus, and an option to message the company directly from the home screen. These were things that must be incorporated in the design. If another client required a web design in Wexford about auto spare parts, we may need to use a completely different approach.

This is where seeking help from web design companies will help you. It will help utilise these unique opportunities to customise the web site functionalities and meet your customers’ preferences. It will also allow you to come back to the web designer with feedback as you listen to your customers. Accordingly make the changes you want without being limited to a ready-made template.


So now you’ve got a solid grip on what your customers want to see on your website, there are a few things to take into consideration. Your website should always be a user-friendly experience for your customers. Complicated menus and overwhelming text is not what a user wants to see on a web page. Which brings us to the next point: that your website has to be up-to-date. Keep yourself updated with all the current trends in web design. Weather what’s selling today is clean white spaces or big blocks of photography, find a way to incorporate this with your brand’s look and feel. With the growing number of devices and operating software in use today, having a website that works across all platforms is a necessity. Always test your website design from multiple phones, desktops and tablets to make sure it performs consistently.

If you’re interested in getting a free website/SEO report feel free to contact us.

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