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How Social Media Has Changed the Marketing Game

April 12, 2011 By Lorcan

How Social Media Is Changing the World of Advertising

Wendy Clark Conference

Companies big and small these days know the truth – social media has truly changed the landscape we live in today, not just with our daily lives, but with the way we do business as well. In a recent talk at AdAge Digital Conference View Video,

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Coca-cola VP for senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities Wendy Clark, discussed how even the multi-billion dollar company had to adjust to the changes. It’s important to note that some of her points can be applicable to any type of business. Here are some points we all can take away from the presentation:

Use what you have

Your company has what Clark calls “owned” media – think of your packaging, your store front and other assets. Have you thought of how you use them to solidify and communicate your brand? You don’t need to have millions of product being handled everyday. Even something as simple as letterheads and envelopes you mail out can have a mark of your branding, and bring you a step closer to being a household name.

Word of mouth
How good is your company’s reputation? Are people talking about you, and more importantly, are they helping you spread the word? Clark gives an excellent point with YouTube – there were almost 150 million videos about Coke on the site, but less than a 1/6th of them were from Coca-Cola. Today, with social media, it’s all about how users and consumers view your content. “The days of controlling the message are absolutely over, “ she says. “At best you’ll be invited in and you’ll get to co-create and participate with consumers.”

Share and share alike

These days, it’s all about creating something people can spread and share with other people. It’s great that you have 1,000 “Likes” on your Facebook Page or 1,000 followers on your Twitter account. But you know what’s even better? Each and everyone of those fans or followers has their own set of friends, whether they have 50 or 5,000, which you can reach, if you can make your content shareable. Have content that people can spread to their followers and you can reach thousands in one go.

So there you have it. Have you thought of any of these things at all, when you market your business over the Internet? How do you engage your customers and encourage them to spread your brand and message?

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