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SEO Blunders to Avoid When Doing Web Redesign

December 9, 2011 By Lorcan

SEO Blunders to Avoid, Doing Web Redesign

doing web redesignYou want a new look for your website and you want it fast. Redesigning your website is a healthy process that any site owner goes through for purposes of attracting more visitors and updating information.

In theory, it only takes a snap of a finger. What most people fail to consider, however, is that it’s not just the looks that matter. There are several SEO things that you need to remember before starting any redesign works on your site.

Make Sure You Keep the Concept

You might feel your site badly needs a make-over. Among the biggest blunders that site owners who’re doing redesign works make is leaving behind 301 redirects. This throws all your previous efforts on optimization. Another factor that may cause issues is throwing out your former navigation set up as you opt for a more sassy looking site. Have you ever thought about how that navigation structure might be putting in a lot of weight towards your site’s optimization?

Be sure to see to it that whatever changes you do that it’s done properly so that you don’t throw all your previous SEO efforts away.

Put SEO on Top of Your Goals for Redesign

SEO need not be the only factor to make you want to change your site. But it’s something that always needs to be part of the things you’re considering before making that “Big Change” decision. Your new look should first and foremost be ready for continuing SEO and not be just an effort to aesthetically look good. The goal is to get found and at the same time look good when the visitors come in. Your site wouldn’t be much good to you if your new look would result to throwing back hours of optimisation efforts, would it?

You may not be one of those people who get totally excited whenever SEO becomes the topic on any conversation. And even if you’re not among these group of people, do keep in mind that SEO techniques should always be kept handy if you’re setting up a site whose goal is to get inbound marketing. A good looking site without any means of getting found is worth nothing and simply ends up not being appreciated.

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