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Take Control of Your Google Local Page

July 13, 2011 By Lorcan

How to Take Control of Google Local Page

Google Local Page Google is probably one of the most famous and leading companies in the internet world now. From its free website services to it’s comprehensive search engine, Google keeps its existence acquainted to millions of internet users daily. With this type of influence and range, it really matters what Google “says” about you on the Internet. Though you might not have total control on what information Google discloses on your business, it does allow you some control – especially on Google Local Pages.

Points on Google maps contains a Place page, which is like having a web page about every place all over the world and its aim is to provide all information about the place and show it altogether. These Place pages are for all kinds of locations – for example, cities, landmarks, points of interest and businesses. You can see a place page by clicking ‘more info’ in the Google map or just click the ‘more info’ on the bubble of the map.

You already have a place Page

Whether you are aware of it or not, but Google already has a Place Page of your business and it shows all the information about you, also with analysis and other contents generated by the users. It makes it even more important that one should monitor one’s reputation on the place page, address or any information added by users. More importantly, one should ‘claim’ the business page so that one can add the content – for example, videos, photos, coupons, types of service and products, business hours, and a backlink to the website.

Also, once it is verified, Google shows one link on top of the page, which says ‘owner-verified listing’. This indicates the users that the page is under the control of the listing and they can be certain of the information shown there.

Improving Web Visibility

Place pages can make your business more visibility on the web. It is an additional source of information for webcrawlers to index, and send back to Google for search results information. Google always highlights its own pages on the search results first, which is the other reason that one optimized page is more important to any business.

Showcasing Your Business in Google

Controlling your Place page in Google is a good chance to provide Google complete information on your business. It’s another way to check your reputation on the web, and possible to remove any incorrect information. A content-rich and completed Place page makes the business more visible in Google site, which may attract more customers to your website and also drive the new one.

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