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3 Tools To Help You Conquer Twitter

February 4, 2014 By Lorcan

How To Conquer Twitter

Twitter is all about efficiency. 140 characters per tweet – this is all you have to express yourself, to promote your idea, to market yourself. Some people love the platform, some people hate it – whatever side of the line you are on,  it is among one of the fastest growing social networks online and being active on it  is a must for every person who wants to build their brand online. In order to be successful, sometimes a lot of enthusiasm and hard work just won’t cut it. Let me suggest some tools that can, indeed, make your twitter life easier.

Analyzing hashtags with Cybranding

You might ask what is a hashtag ? One of the biggest twitter symbols, now available on facebook too. It is without a doubt amongst the most widely used ways to focus our attention on a topic. As it turns out – to monitor conversations, too. Cyberbranding is a tool that analyzes for you particular hashtags.

For example if you use the hashtag #influence – the tool starts gathering data and presenting it in a meaningful way – graphs, exact numbers and so on. You will get results such as how many people click on #influence when they see it for a given period, how many times it is shared on the network and at what times according to time zones it is most used.


Anther useful thing you can check is to review the most influential users that are using the hashtag and how often they have put it in a tweet. This knowledge can help you to target those influential people and through them increase your own reach.


Stay tuned with Mention.net

So how does Mention work? Well it create alerts on your name, your brand, your industry and your competitors and be informed of any mention on the web and social networks. It helps you monitor different keywords – for example when you put a post that is related to social media marketing you can set the tool to track any references to those words once you have tweeted your post. It is not only a way to evaluate your influence but also a door towards informing people about your tweet as well. Mention.net will show you who is interested in social media marketing and then it will be up to you to bring more awareness to your post.


It is also a tool that will allow you to measure the reach of each tweet in a more profound way – one that is not limited only to the people who mention you when they share it. With Mention you can keep a record of all the people who use your tweet, even though they don’t include your username in the process.

And, last but not least, it is a very powerful tool for peaking at what the competition is doing. If you want to see whether they have already wrote on a topic you are planning to, or just to evaluate how they are doing, than your solution is Mention.net.

Research effectively with Twitonomy

TwitonomyIt is a completely free tool that can help you get analytical results not only for yourself, but for other people as well. Once you have downloaded it every time you log in you will be able to see a menu where to enter someone’s twitter address. From there it is entirely up to the specific options you have set.

You will be able to have a handle on some very interesting information about the person who owns the given account. This includes things such as people who are the most active, what types of posts does he or she answer the most and which topics are most appealing.

This is again an invaluable opportunity to see what the competition is doing. Who are they chatting with most often? On which topics are they focusing? These are questions that have their answers one click away with Twitonomy.

So these are my suggestions

And everything else is up to you! These tools are very easy to master and really appropriate if you want to perform research and monitoring. Stay tuned – this is what Twitter is all about.

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