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Using Sales As A Tool For Marketing

September 27, 2011 By Lorcan

Marketing Tool

tool for marketing The sales and  marketing team are crucial to any organisation, be it service or product based. Have you ever imagined a house without a kitchen? Similarly no organisation can succeed without the perfect union of both these departments. Getting this concept clear will help your business reach new heights, in due course. Here are few points that you may consider while using your sales as a fuel for your marketing strategies.

1) Detailed Sales Plans Before The Product Reaches The Market

The exorbitant costs of establishing any business will surely jeopardize the supply of a new service or product in the market. Weaving sales plans for unfamiliar brands can be hard. But if you take some time and make your presence felt to the right audiences, you will have sufficient authority and attention for your marketing plans.

The profitability of your business is directly proportionate to the number of products or services you deliver.  It is due to economies of scale one business infrastructure can be used to support other structures, product consumption, etc.

2) Choose To Outsource

Sales and marketing professionals are one of the most expensive employees. However, sticking to sales professionals with no productive worth will not help. You must consider building your sales team with professionals who can complement the marketing departments. Similarly you could also outsource some of your sales jobs to a good agency.

3) Explore Your Sales Strategies Along With Your Marketing Ones

Do not assume what your market wants. Try and explore all those prospects that will help you generate customers. Assumptions will only waste your money, which could have been used to check your sales and marketing strategies.

General research will only give you the general picture, you will never understand the actual market reactions. The faster you explore your sales strategies, the better will you design the marketing ones.

4) Don’t Commit To Worthless Strategies

The only thing constant in markets is their change.  Markets happen to be changing even before a plan can be tested for competition. It is unfair for your business to be married to a certain sales or marketing plan because it produced good results before. Realising the need of a modern, effective and speedy plan is the key to making profits. Your sales strategies should be designed in accordance with the marketing ones and vice-versa.

5) Let The Product Or Service Sell Itself

If you are capable of designing and delivering products and services which are conspicuously different, you do not have to worry about it being sold. However, even with these products, correct marketing strategies are a must. Designing a proper marketing plan will make sure you are noticed and sales will obtain profits. With good products, you can save time on the sales plan.

6) Avoid Biases

You may be very confident about your sales team but do not forget the potentials of marketing. Do not devote your entire resources for one department.  Make sure you are quick enough to check and acclimatize the amount of time and money that has to be invested in sales and marketing commitments.

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