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Using Targeted and Lead Nurturing Landing Pages To Boost Your PPC

January 31, 2012 By Lorcan

Landing Pages To Boost Your PPC

If you’re main goal on publishing online ads is to get more “clicks” from your PPC, it’s about time to re-check your notes and stats together with the tricks you can do in order to get better results for your investment. Inbound marketing stresses on traffic and there are  a few good reasons for us to utilise PPC and have it run alongside the inbound activities that we’re doing.pages to boost your ppc

What I’m about to discuss with you are among the top things that you should be considering when working on your PPC campaign.

  • Try and go broad like targeting a thousand keywords instead of limiting yourself to just a hundred or perhaps a little over a hundred.  Going small tends to limit your chances of being able to rank for those keywords.
  • Consider trying out multiple ad groups instead of just one for your ad copy.  Doing such would remarkably increase click through possibilities and this would also allow you to see which of the ads are bringing in more conversions for you.

Lead Your Visitors to Simple But Targeted Landing Pages

The biggest mistake that businesses commit when doing PPC is trying to bring all that “not so cheap” traffic to their main page.  What happens next when this visitor clicks on the add based on what their search term is that he or she wants to get a logical understanding as to how your product works or perhaps how your product could prove to be the answer to their need.  If your page doesn’t show what your visitor wants to see, then he or she can either click around without having the slightest idea of where they are or they can simply bounce.  It’s highly probable that she’ll bounce and check on the next link where he or she will eventually convert.

You should always have a specific landing page that speaks about your ad and one for which the searcher can relate to.  Try and keep forms short and try to avoid navigation options thereby giving your visitor only two options.  Either she completes the form to eventually count as a conversion or leave your page.</span

Create Target Nurturing Campaigns for Follow Ups

When you’ve finally got people to convert on your ads (and we’re hoping for lots of them), keep in mind that you only have a short

boost your ppc

window to grab their attention and fully make a good impression for yourself. Some may probably be ready to make a purchase or would perhaps be wanting more information or a bit more time to think things over.  You might want to avoid thinking about calling or emailing them daily.  The best way to work this out is by allowing a bit of technology to do the work for you.  Send a couple of emails within a day or two and schedule a series of email blasts that she’d be getting on a regular basis talking more about your product.

Your lead nurturing campaigns should always have an email series that contains content that is relevant

for the lead or perhaps offers that could entice 2nd chance conversions to let you know that you’ve got a potentially hot lead out there.

Hopefully by applying these methods I’ve mentioned you’d be able to save more time and money to be used for other things like content that will help you improve ranking.

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