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Brand Nova Launches Nova360 Marketing Dashboard to Help eCommerce Businesses

October 19, 2020 By Lorcan

Lorcan Kinsella - Founder of Brand Nova Digital

Irish digital marketing agency,Brand Nova Digital, has launched a new digital marketing platform, ‘Nova360’, which aims to equip eCommerce business owners with the tech literacy needed to enable them to operate virtually. With many SMEs struggling to adjust to the new normal, digital strategist and CEO of Brand Nova Digital, Lorcan Kinsella’s ambition is to help them adjust faster and better to the new digital world.

Serial entrepreneur and Wexford man, Lorcan has spent the past decade offering digital marketing services and consultancy to small and medium-sized Irish businesses. As the pandemic took hold, he refocused his business to provide more accessible information and tools for SMEs, many of whom have been forced to develop a digital presence almost overnight.

Lorcan’s latest innovation ‘Nova360’, was developed for business owners to provide a comprehensive overview of all online activity relating to their company. It provides businesses with real-time information on their online performance, and insights into how they can grow their online sales. As an established lecturer who has provided training to some of Ireland’s largest corporations including the top Fortune 500, Lorcan became increasingly aware of the blind spots business owners were experiencing in their attempts to monitor and collate their web activity. Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity of going and staying digital became increasingly pertinent, with many businesses being forced to survive on a virtual online presence alone.

While the pandemic has driven businesses to utilise and hone their digital skills, many business owners still lack the tech literacy needed to make the virtual transition. According to The European Digital Economy and Society Index, despite Ireland being a leading tech hub, digital skills are 11 percent below the EU average. From highlighting the impact of their website, to that of their social media and marketing materials, Nova360 provides businesses with a compass, allowing them to focus their productivity on the areas that need it most. With the Irish economy sinking, Nova360 aims to provide companies who have slashed budgets with the tools needed to help them survive. Although spending on digital advertising has risen by 17 percent to €673 million in the past year, a sizeable gap remains in tech and marketing fluency among business owners as they adjust to ‘the new normal’. .


Commenting on the launch of Nova 360, CEO of Brand Nova Digital, Lorcan Kinsella said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of e-commerce and the significant skills gaps that exist within the marketing sphere. As the country reopens and retail outlets bank on both a digital and physical presence, smaller businesses are facing a host of challenges. Not only are SMEs working off minuscule budgets but they are now in a position where they need digital and technological literacy skills to survive. Nova 360 aims to assist those who are not equipped for the ’new normal’, and help businesses boost their digital marketing presence, no extensive tech knowledge required.”

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